BTC Booster

Plan B inspired

General Description
Inspired by PlanB. Uses on-chain data. Outperforms buy & hold. This latest algo developed by the DQC Quants is a real beauty with impeccable performance in the backtests. The BTC Booster is the first in its kind and is based on real on-chain analysis of the Bitcoin Blockchain. DQC has spent considerable time and effort on exploring the blockchain and developed its own proprietary tools. The BTC Booster is there for the long term, it will not jump in and out but takes a firm course in the choppy waters of the cryptoworld. The bot is single coin algo, but relies on the coin that has been there since the start: Bitcoin. It benefits from a vast number of data points all embedded in the Blockchain. The BTC Booster is a real gem. 

BOT style Mathematical Model-based - A bot from this category looks only at the numbers using complex mathematics to determine the right time to trade. 

Tip from the bot creator
The true value and intelligence of this bot is the in-depth analysis of the most reliable and extensive blockchain that is out there. The signaling function on the BTC Booster is the reliable traffic light for the Bitcoin investor. 

Description for techies

"BTC Booster" is a DQC proprietary tool that constantly ploughs far and deeply through the BTC Blockchain with remarkable results. It identifies the best moment when to step out and back in. The BTC Booster is never in a rush and will only action when the time and signals are right. 

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