We are DutchQuantCollective

The Dutch Quant Collective has a background in traditional finance. We know that ‘return of money’ is just as important as ‘return on money’. And that’s why DQC bots won’t promise you "millions" overnight. Instead, they decided to focus on excellent returns, keeping the risks in mind! We are a team that consists of a group of crypto enthusiasts active in the crypto sphere from the beginning. We combine grey hairs with youthful enthusiasm. Together, we have over 50 years of experience in the traditional financial markets and have been involved in crypto for years now. 

From traditional traders to bot creators

Like all bot creators, the DQC has its own ‘origin’ tale to tell. Before getting where they are now, difficult choices had to be made. We have been traditional traders for many years in multiple asset classes for the top financial institutions, so we know the drill. Adding crypto as an asset class was a very natural next step for us. Some employers however did not see the opportunities crypto had to offer, so we had to choose and decided to start trading for ourselves. Finally we can reach the consumer directly.

The BOTS love story

And thankfully, we found BOTS to do so. We heard about BOTS back in 2018 when they first started, and we became enthusiasts right from the start. We have known the potential of algorithms for a long time, but we were only able to offer these to institutions or high net worth individuals. It was only natural to start offering these algorithms using the BOTS app. After starting with a few rebalancers to try the platform and see how it works; we added new bots based derivatives. We are now focusing on releasing bots based on “on-chain data analysis”.